Sarah Molloy

Sarah Molloy comes from an artistic family going back three generations. Her grandfather Webster Nash was a watercolour artist based in Lake Taupo, NZ and her mother (Jeanette Walker) worked in both oils and watercolour. Molloy says “I remember when I was four years old being fascinated as I would watch my grandfather paint. His studio was a very small space inbetween the garage and teh entrance to the hallway of their house. I liked to watch my Mum paint too. One of the old bedrooms in the family home was converted into a studio. My mother loved to paint and it was lovely to see the end result of her creations. I had always wanted to be creative, and once you start it is hard to stop - especially if you feel passionate about it!” Molloy started painting - initially in gouache - depicting animals and plant life in different environments - this was a nice starting point but also a challenge she says. Now working in vector art where each print becomes a tangible, physical artwork only when it is printed Sarah finds this experience extremely satisfying once each new print is completed and printed for the first time. We are delighted to stock Sarah Molloy’s first series of prints of Wellington, her home town.

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