Dick Frizzell

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Richard (Dick) Frizzell (1943- ) is one of New Zealand's most successful and high profile contemporary artists. Frizzell studied art at the Canterbury School of Arts from 1960-1964 and was employed in advertising before moving to Auckland to lecture at Elam School of Fine Arts. In addition to painting Dick has always enjoyed printmaking and we carry in stock his entire catalogue of original prints that are currently available. Dick Frizzell's print Mickey to Tiki Tu Meke is currently New Zealand's top selling print, humourously combining a pop art sensibility with Maori iconography. Update July 2018: ecently sold out prints that are no longer available are "Four Four Time", "Whakapirau (Signed Print)", "Grocer With Moko", "Red Haring" (reproduction print), "Masterpiece" and "After the Ball".