Salvador Dali

Dali prints and posters have always been among our most popular sellers - as each new generation of New Zealanders discovers the subversive genius of the Spanish master of the surreal. Born in Figueras, Spain Salvador Dali was perhaps the most famous 20th century painter. After study at the School of Fine Arts in Madrid to learn drawing Dali became absorbed in the cubist, futuristic and metaphysical art then sweeping the European art world. By 1928 Dali was in Paris, but seeing his work rejected by French surrealists as "too academic" he moved to New York. Dali's work, despite its subject matter of Freudian dreams and juxtaposed subject matter, is precise and almost photographic in its clarity. Apart from painting Dali also mastered lithography and etching and illustrated books. There is always an excellent range of Dali posters and prints in stock at New Zealand Fine Prints.