Lester Hall

Print-maker Lester Hall is one of New Zealand's most exciting contemporary visual artists. Hall's artwork is visually striking, intelligent and strongly political, he has a clear message for New Zealand that radiates strongly from his "Ngati Pakeha Inks" series of archival ink limited edition prints on Epson Velvet fine art paper. Owners of Lester's prints are privileged to be part of the ongoing conversation he knows New Zealanders have to have about our identity in the post-colonial era. Lester's current series of prints (the postage stamps) in particular are viewed as a significant body of work in the evolution of NZ visual arts and a milestone in contemporary print-making. In late 2017 Lester announced that he is withdrawing most of his pre 2016 prints from sale. Once stock on hand is sold out these will not be available to buy again. Update 1 August: Sold out titles are "Hoki mai: all is forgiven", "Royal Tour", "Piercy Rock", "Miss Kiwiana (Blue)", "Cheeky Little Darkie", "Kiwiana Tiki", "White Chief" and "Wahine (Miss Kiwianaville)".