Wayne Hosie

Wellington photographer Wayne Hosie claims to have been an artist for as long as he can remember. Hosie writes "design is a central part of my being - the camera came later". In 1994 Hosie bought his first serious camera. It had a double exposure facility and Wayne was instantly intrigued by the possibilities it offered. He set about mastering the photographic technique that he uses to produce unusual people portraits and surreal images created from everyday objects.

Think of Wellington NZ and most probably you think of the harbour, the hills - and yes the wind. But the inspired photography of Wayne Hosie encourages you to think of the city in a multitude of other images. Through his Wellington Doors poster Hosie makes you aware of Wellington's unique architectural features and you see the magic that changes of light exert over the city. Through this photographic series Hosie shows you the possibilities of using Wellington's distinctive shapes in imaginative ways.

Wayne considers himself an amateur photographer. All his training derives from reading books. Inspiration comes from the world around him - often the city, occasionally other people's photos. The next step, he says, is coming up with a title for each composite image which effectively gives him a working brief. After that the planning starts. Precision in the positioning of the subjects is all important. He looks for the influence of weather, colour effects and light changes on each photograph.
Wellington Doors Poster by Wayne Hosie

Wellington Doors Poster by Wayne Hosie

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