Matt Guild

Martinborough artist Matt Guild specialises in Kiwiana art. His prints are of New Zealand family life, rustic rural simplicity and nostalgic every day objects from our collective kiwi history. Guild works with realistic, still-life images that aim to "capture the emotional history of New Zealand". To achieve a resonance with his audience Guild takes ordinary, often seemingly mundane or everyday objects and injects new emotional life into them by positioning them in the more whimsical landscape of our communal memories as New Zealanders. In this realm there exists a constant, internal dialogue between personal experiences of growing up in NZ (memories of trips to the dairy and Jaffas melting in our pockets) and our other, unspoken, 'national childhood'.

Guild's kiwiana artwork intimately visualises those sensory moments from our collective past that bind kiwis together as a nation today. Matt writes "My paintings are about light, shadows, reflections and about the way things look in their environment. I love capturing the detail, the way a certain object looks in a moment of time. Capturing New Zealand kiwiana icons and pulling on the heart strings, helping us to remember where we have come from, this the over all passion of my work. Realism painting for me is about capturing every day bits and pieces, the reality of living."