Barry Ross Smith is the place to buy Barry Ross Smith prints. New Zealand Fine Prints stock all the prints still available from this popular New Zealand painter and offer prompt delivery anywhere in NZ or around the world. After 10 years selling prints through a commercial publisher Barry Ross Smith is now refocusing on painting. We are now rapidly selling out of Barry's hunting and farming series prints: completely sold out titles are Frieze 1, Lot 18, The Navigator, Pig Hunter, Morning Drove, Midnight Oil, Bull Rush, The Tool Shed and Chapter 2. We have only one or two left of many prints listed below - please order promptly to avoid disappointment as they will not be available again. We are excited to have the superb print of Barry's sometimes controversial painting of Queen With Moko back in stock though!

The NZ Herald's art critic T J McNamara describes Barry Ross Smith's paintings as "hymns to rural New Zealand ... tellingly observed and cleverly rendered". Barry describes his artwork this way - "I like to create a rapport with the viewer by playing with our reminiscences. Creating icons from our shared Kiwi past, the beach, the bach, the farm but mostly the people. We can identify with these characters as family, friends or someone we know."