Kiwiana celebrates the unique icons of everyday New Zealand life. NZ Prints' Kiwiana art collection is the place to buy NZ gifts showcasing Kiwiana and the kiwi brands that are unique to New Zealand. From the Kiwiana collection you can buy pictures of Kiwi icons like Ed Hillary and Barry Crump as well as all the classic kiwiana prints & posters such as Four Square Man which are perennially popular kiwiana gifts for kiwis living anywhere in the world (we deliver for just $NZ15 worldwide).

This specialist kiwiana art print collection was created back in early 2010 by NZ Fine Prints - New Zealand's art print specialists since 1966. The term Kiwiana is rapidly gaining more respectability to become a convenient shorthand for all artwork by NZers as well as pictures that specifically celebrate kiwiana. We had particularly noticed that corporate gift buyers were using the term Kiwiana art when they were wanting to buy pictures by NZ artists/painters of everyday NZ objects and scenes. Until recently the term Kiwiana was not widely used in the art world and a few years ago consigning a NZ artists' images to a gallery called "Kiwiana" might possibly have been seen as damning their art with very faint praise, as in "it might not be a very accomplished painting but it's an ok piece of kiwiana". Our kiwiana art prints collection is a combination of both kiwiana style images that are in our existing range of prints together with the addition of new prints created by proudly self-described Kiwiana artists like Jason Kelly and Matt Guild.