For over five decades New Zealand Fine Prints has been making it easy for Kiwis to buy high quality art prints from Aotearoa and around the world.


Back in the 1960s the founders of New Zealand Fine Prints realised that NZers wanted our unique art to decorate their homes and offices. We began issuing a beautiful series of historical prints showing the early days of settlement and early exploration, maps and ethnographic material. From the early 1970s NZ Fine Prints started publishing open edition reproductions of New Zealand's favourite paintings and our most popular artists of the past 150 years. Research and education about prints and New Zealand art has always been a key part of our organisation's focus, some of the key NZ reference works have been published by us including "Early Prints of New Zealand" by D.G. & E.M. Ellis and "New Zealand 19th Century Artists" by Una Platts.


As NZ Fine Prints' catalogue of prints became the key channel for buyers to source art prints in New Zealand it was an obvious next step to begin listing (and holding in stock at our gallery's specialty warehouse) ALL prints available by every NZ artist, original printmaker and commercial art publisher.

By the end of the 1980s buyers could now easily choose from all prints currently available on the New Zealand market using the "New Zealand Art Print Sourcebook".

In 1999 this comprehensive catalogue of prints went online at Overnight it was so much easier for us to keep our catalogue completely up to date and it's now updated every day.

Our stockroom today contains many thousands of prints, a vast range of print types and we offer several different picture framing options. Despite this increasing behind the scenes complexity we are determined to continue making it as easy as possible for New Zealanders to find and buy high quality art prints from New Zealand and around the world for at least another fifty years - so a key focus for the past decade has been the continual refinement of our customer's shopping experience at

How do I get my prints listed at NZ Fine Prints?

Listing artwork (there is no charge for us to catalogue your work for sale) with NZ Fine Prints has been the easiest way for NZ artists, original printmakers and commercial publishers to sell prints for nearly half a century. Contact us today and we guarantee to place your work in front of the largest possible pool of New Zealand print buyers and your prints won't get buried because we use in-depth customer research and user centred design to make sure your artwork will be easily found by your ideal customers.

Because we stock an incredibly deep and rich variety of prints across a very wide price range our staff are dedicated to educating print buyers so non-experts will understand what makes your kind of prints special. So no matter how your prints are made please contact us to learn more about listing prints for sale at New Zealand's favourite art print gallery since 1966.