Ships Boats & Nautical Pictures

Ship prints and pictures of boats are just about the most popular collection of prints stocked by New Zealand Fine Prints. Here you can buy shipping prints ranging from pictures of the voyages of the early explorers (for example the superb view of the Astrolabe in French Pass or the views of Captain Cook's Expeditions by Cleveley) through to immigrant ships important in the early settlement of New Zealand like the Lancashire Witch. If you are looking for prints of the first Auckland Regatta or pictures of boats sailing in Auckland Harbour, Lyttelton and Port Chalmers we have just the print for you. Well known contemporary New Zealand artists like Graham Sydney and Bill MacCormick also produce beautiful studies of sailing yachts and dinghies at anchor. Even Barry Ross Smith has just released a lighthearted print called Fishing Trip.

Prints of boats and sailing scenes, like maps, are a firm favourite for Father's Day gifts and hubbies' Christmas present - not to say that women don't like boat pictures as well - but if you are looking for a manly gift buying prints from this gallery are a safe bet (plus we giftwrap for free and enclose a personal note if you wish!).