Hamish Allan

Prints.co.nz is the place to buy all of the just released Hamish Allan art prints. All of Hamish's prints are available on fine art paper, due to contractural changes with his publisher they are no longer available printed directly onto canvas.

Hamish Allan is a Christchurch artist, he worked as a physiotherapist before working initially as a sculptor before starting painting fulltime in 2002. Hamish writes that his "approach to painting and design is clear – less is more. Keeping imagery clean and simple, use deeply contrasting tones and texture to add natural quality and visual impact. Local stylised landscapes are integrated into blocks of colour and texture and lifted by perspective and detail. The horizon is used with striking effect as a focal point from which the painting emerges. Horizontal and vertical plains are integral and emphasized, drawing the viewer into the work." Allan shows an acute awareness of that which makes New Zealand buildings within the local landscape unique - such as their architectural details.