Grant McSherry

Landscape painter Grant McSherry was born in Hamilton in 1963. He began oil painting at the age of 16 and studied display and advertising at the Waikato Polytech in Hamilton. In 1999, Grant left his position as general manager of the daily newspaper in Palmerston North and moved to Christchurch and began painting almost every day whilst also working full time. Grant's detailed originals are large format oil paintings on canvas or linen.
Br>All of McSherry’s art prints are limited edition as he believes it is important to retain an element of rarity for the work and individuality for the buyer. He manages the print production process himself, working with the best local suppliers and expertise. Grant McSherry's painting expresses his perception of the textures, colours and character of the parts of New Zealand that inspire him. Grant strives to create an accurate 'sense of place' through his artwork, capturing the strength behind the beauty of New Zealand.