Donna Massey

Since 2004 Donna Massey has established a career as full-time artist living and working in Riverhead. Her artworks are easily recognised for their vibrant crisp images and bold colours. Donna is madly passionate about the outdoors, in particular, the ocean, and is always keen on an adventure. These activities often take her to destinations that transpire onto canvas. She has caught a marlin, dived the Poor Knights, been pig hunting on the Chatham Islands, done several parachute jumps and white water rafting trips. Road trips are big on her agenda... she says, “New Zealand has so many beautiful places to paint, but I also love discovering old shacks, fishing boats and the like...there are history and stories surrounding these things that bring them to life.” Oil paint is her medium of choice, using the transparent/opaque qualities this paint offers. Her paintings are made up of many layers, she usually has about 14 works on the go at any one time, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next. She uses only top quality products, artist quality paints and hand stretched canvases. There is one limited edition screenprint of her work available here at NZ Fine Prints.

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