Kelvin McMillan

Kelvin McMillan (1959- ) was raised on a dairy farm in South Westland before moving to Canterbury in the late 1960’s. He was interested in art from an early age becoming a full time artist at the age of 22. He initially concentrated on pencil drawings, mainly of architectural subjects, finding inspiration in derelict houses and farm buildings. Kelvin then developed his work into the watercolor medium and more recently acrylics. Kelvin paints simple subjects that surround him living in the vast landscapes of Canterbury and Otago. His painting style depicts the romance of our rugged New Zealand landscape. Kelvin’s attention is captured by the strong contrasting lights and darks, creating long shadows on building facades, boats, rural railway stops and mailboxes. McMillan has exhibited widely throughout the South Island, participating in both group & solo shows. We had a small range of prints of Kelvin's favourite paintings in stock but these have all sold out.