Charles Frederick (C.F.) Goldie - Prints

Currently we have 18 prints of CF Goldie paintings available to purchase. Charles Frederick Goldie (1870-1947), born in Auckland, was already winning art prizes at the age of 15. He studied in Paris before returning to New Zealand in 1898. He is best known for his meticulous portraits of Maori men and women, despite also painting non-Maori and Biblical scenes. Goldie thought he was recording for posterity the Maori people, unfortunately then seen as "a dying race". For descendants of the sitters his portraits are today taonga (treasures).

Please don't use prints of Goldie's Maori portraits to decorate bathrooms or kitchens. To associate Maori portraiture with cooking or washing is culturally inappropriate - in the same way that using your national flag as a doormat would be offensive to many people.