Tiki Prints

Our new collection brings together all the tiki themed art prints available by NZ artists. Tiki prints are a particularly meaningful gift because they connote a connection with New Zealand and a daily reminder of the connection that you have with the people who gifted you the print. Tiki in Maori culture were traditionally bone or greenstone pendants as well as the wooden carvings more common in other Polynesian societies around the Pacific. The tiki as a motif has now take on a life of its own after non-Maori artists like Dick Frizzell took the tiki and re-imagined it in many different ways (whilst still being a recognisable tiki). Tiki have now come to represent one of the shared cultural artefacts for both Maori and non-Maori New Zealanders - along with the koru a thoughtful and sincere tiki print is more than just a decoration, it is part of our New Zealand identity.