Georges Seurat

Georges Seurat (1859-1891), a Parisian, was a sculptor before studying at the School of Fine Arts. Becoming interested in the scientific aspects of light, he experimented with black and white drawings for several years before moving to the study of colour. His 1885 painting, La Grande Jatte, took more than 60 sessions - in contrast to the Impressionists who completed a picture in a single sitting. His style is sometimes inaccurately called Pointillism (his colour dots may be any shape and size, not pin-points), and is more properly neo-impressionism. Seurat died at the age of only 31 from a septic throat, leaving several hundred canvases and drawings. His legacy was his theory of construction through the solidity of light, and for a time Pissarro was greatly influenced by his work. Prints by Seurat are always in for sale here at NZ’s largest fine art print store, check out the selection available to buy today below.