Greg Straight

Greg Straight graduated from the University of Auckland's Elam School of Fine Arts majoring in print making. In a recent profile in Air New Zealand's inflight magazine he told interviewer Matt Philp "I did a lot of screenprinting and in my third year I started to look at kiwiana, using screen prints of block colour, quite abstract stuff, with iconic images printed over the top". Greg is at the forefront of the movement that is finally adding a contemporary urban sensibility into the visual arts in New Zealand. A fine art printmaker who also works as a T-shirt graphic designer for streetwear brands such as Huffer and Federation Straight's artwork is an exciting melding of high art and NZ pop culture. His first three series of series of prints have been very successful with many sold out editions now, the latest to sell out have been "Tikitastic", "Neon Tiki 2", "Drippy Tiki" and "Two Snapper (Red). NZ Fine Prints highly recommends Greg Straight's limited edition prints for people building a collection of contemporary NZ editions. He has recently added a range of well-priced open editions that are not signed or numbered.