Childe Hassam

Childe Hassam (1859-1935) studied at the Boston Art School and was apprenticed to an engraver, beginning his career as an illustrator. In 1883 he went to Paris, studying with Boulanger and coming into contact with the Impressionist movement. Returning to America, to New York, he set up in 1898 a group known as The Ten which attempted to revolt against the prevailing academic style. His favourite subjects were street scenes and rural landscapes. Hassam received many prizes and awards, being elected to the National Academy in 1906. A decade later he returned to the techniques of his youth and began work as a graphic artist; by the time of his death he had completed more than 350 lithographs and etchings in which he sought to achieve in black and white the light effects of his oil paintings.
Allies Day,  May 1917 by Childe Hassam

Allies Day, May 1917 by Childe Hassam