New Life Print by Lester Hall

New Life Print by Lester Hall

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Signed Edition

Print size in millimetres (approx): 330 x 485
Studio printed by the artist, signed below the image in pencil.

All artworks printed by the artist on Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper with K3 Archival Inks. Lester writes about this new print of a koru contrasted with a vibrant orange background “I think it might be the time of The Earth at last, our ever smaller blue planet and here is one of our favourite icons of the natural, a ponga frond unfurling. I always loved it and it just seems to say something today for a planet and the land which sustains us that it seems we have been demanding far too much of. This natural image comes with a simple set of obvious affirmations. clean rivers, clean shores, clear skies, clean oceans. Do we finally stand at a point of change is the big question and I have painted this work to hang as an affirmation of the commitment, energy and unity that will be required from us all as we love Aotearoa, New Zealand and indeed Planet Earth more than we have been. First we must come to believe so that we might face the effort that confronts us.”