Kea Kaha, Be Free by Lester Hall

Kea Kaha, Be Free by Lester Hall

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Print size in millimetres: 330 x 485

Colourful updated postage stamp design print from Lester Hall, his choice of subject is a personal one, Lester writes about "Kea Kaha" “Everyone loves a parrot, very clever, a character, naughty, the delightful scalawag. Ettrick, Dumbarton, Bannockburn, all names from the stories my father told of his very austere childhood in depression era Otago. Da got his first pair of shoes and first full time job at twelve years of age working on Aoraki Mount Cook. He walked 4 gallon cans of kerosene to the top hut for the climbers. He said the Keas were great characters, if not loved by all and remembered them having great fun on the tin roofs, sliding down them with great noise, crashing off the edge to the snowy ground below. Seen a Kea's jaunty gait and you just know... leave nothing to chance because they will have it, eat it, destroy it, play with it, kill it. This is my homage to New Zealand's, the World's only mountain parrot, the devilishly wonderful Kea. I am naming him Sydney after my dad who rode a motorbike like there was no tomorrow, just like a Kea would.”

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