Albrecht Durer

Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) was born in Nuremberg, learning the techniques of engraving from his goldsmith father before being apprenticed in 1486 to the Flemish painter Wolgemuth. In 1494 he visited Venice, returning with many drawings and sketches, some of which he worked into engravings and woodcuts, a technique which he transformed from crudity to create some of the finest work ever produced in that medium. He returned to Italy in 1505 for two years' work and study before going back to Nuremberg. Durer bridges the gap between Renaissance and the Reformation , and was one of the first artists to make a series of self-portraits throughout his life: the first was painted when he was only 13. We are unusually low on stock of prints by Durer at the moment. We will have more Durer prints imported from Italy back in stock shortly.