Marti Friedlander

Marti Friedlander (1928 - ) emigrated to New Zealand in 1958. She is one of New Zealand's leading 20th Century photographers. Friedlander writes of her beginnings as a photographer "As I traveled around both islands... I compiled an image album of New Zealanders going about their everyday lives. Everything I saw then seemed extraordinary, and I would ask Gerrard [her husband] to stop the car so that I could take photos. “It’s so New Zealand!” was my catch-cry, and my excitement could not be contained. I also sensed that I was capturing a world that would change over the next decade or so." New Zealand Fine Prints stocked a great poster from the acclaimed Auckland Art Gallery retrospective of Friedlander's work which featured the superb image "Shearers, Balclutha". This was the only reproduction of Friedlander's photography currently in print but has unfortunately just sold out. Until more of her work is published as fine art prints please check out our NZ photography collection for work by other great NZ photographers.