Aaron Tomlinson

Aaron Tomlinson is the street artist "Atom1746". Tomlinson/Atom1746 is based in his hometown of Christchurch New Zealand. After travelling the world and spending a few years "chilling out" in Australia he married his "hot babe" and moved home to start taking his art more seriously. Since returning to Christchurch in 2005 Tomlinson has held a number of exhibitions and his artwork featured recently at Oi You, Nelson's hugely popular exhibition of New Zealand street art, which was one of the inspirations for the street art collection we have now put together at NZ Fine Prints..

After experimenting with a number of styles and media his main passion eventually settled with the genre of contemporary pop-art via digital design and production through giclee printing. His initial inspirations being Warhol and Lichtenstein led him to study American art and the discovery of giclee printing which he calls "the new wave of fine art print production'. Each piece is initially developed digitally and made into a tangible work of art through giclee printing. The images are made into limited editions of 100 however some of Aaron's prints are super-limited editions of only 10. As they are not reproductions of an initial, single artwork but are the end result of a digital process, each individual print is classed as an original. The prints are made with fade-resistant archival ink and typically produced onto 310gsm fine art paper, each individually stamped & signed "Atom1746" and numbered by the artist.