Graciela Rodo Boulanger

Graciela Rodo Boulanger prints have been delivered to customers in eight different countries by New Zealand Fine Prints over the past year. The publisher has gone out of business and all other art retailers have sold out. We happened to have imported a large shipment from the publisher a few years ago and are now the only stockists of these popular prints anywhere in the world.

New Zealand Fine Prints Ltd is New Zealand's leading art print retailer, we ship anywhere in the world within ten working days for just $NZ15 (approx $US10). Our prices are in $NZ and this is converted into your currency by your credit card company at checkout time. Prints are packed in very sturdy poster rolls and we guarantee that your print will reach you in perfect condition wherever you are in the world. NB: We have now sold out of "Holiday on Wheels", "Tour de France", "After School", "Opus 2", "Bird Vendor" and "The Team" by Boulanger and now only have a couple of the last remaining print by this popular artist. Update: We have now sold out of all prints by this artist and they will not be available again :(