Milton Springsteen

Milton Springsteen's work was one of the stars of the record breaking (240,000 visitors!) “Rise” street art exhibition in Christchurch. Springsteen emerged from the shadows at New Zealand's first street art show, Oi You 2011, held in Nelson. Springsteen's "corrupt classics" series re-worked some of New Zealand's most famous paintings to cast a sharp light on the anomalies of the modern world. The actual identity of the artist known as Milton Springsteen is shrouded in mystery, the name however comes from the fictitious UK new town of "Milton Springsteen" (an amalgamation of Milton Keynes and Bruce Springsteen) created for a comedy album by UK comedian Alexei Sayle in the 1980s . We were delighted to stock the entire series of limited edition prints from one of NZ's most talked about street artists in our street art collection. NB: The limited edition “Beefed Up” print (the re-work of Rita Angus’ “Cass”), "On the Dog House" (Footrot Flats). "Fries with That" (Fish & Chip Shop at Maketu), "Just In", "Heaphy Hack" and "Know How, Can Do" have already sold out. ALL the other prints listed will soon be sold out as we have just one of each left. Please order now.

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