John Weeks

NZ artist John Weeks (1886-1965) was a Devonshire born painter who was one of the most influential staff members at the Elam Art School of the University of Auckland where he taught from 1930-1954. In 1955 Weeks was the subject of the first solo show at the Auckland City Art Gallery dedicated to a New Zealand artist.

Weeks came to New Zealand as a child with his parents in 1892. He commenced part-time study at Elam in 1908, with further training at Sydney Technical College just prior to World War I. He continued his studies after the war at the Canterbury College School of Art. From 1923-1930 Weeks travelled extensively in Europe, studying intermittently in Edinburgh and at Andre Lhote's academy where he was influenced by the cubist movement.

In 1930 Weeks joined the staff at Elam where he was an influential and popular lecturer, representing a more 'modernist' approach than his contemporaries, until his retirement in 1954. In January 1949 much of Weeks' best work was destroyed in a fire at Elam, while he had over 300 of his paintings assembled for selection for a forthcoming exhibition. After his death in September 1965 around 150 of his works were selected by friends and colleagues for purchase by the Queen Elizabeth II National Trust and sent to several major New Zealand galleries. We stock a superb large print of Weeks famous landscape painting “Landscape with Farm Buildings”.
Landscape with Farm Buildings by John Weeks

Landscape with Farm Buildings by John Weeks