Linda Radosinska

New Zealand fine art photographer Linda Radosinska says she "had been a fan of Banksy’s work for a number of years and I got the idea for the Exit Through the Thrift Shop" project in late 2010 when I was trying to think of a project that could combine photography with something I was really passionate about. After quite a bit of research online I decided that I would go for it because aside from the odd ‘halloween costume’ interpretation of a couple of Banksy’s stencils and a few ‘inspired by’ photos, I could not see any serious attempts to recreate Banksy's images as faithfully as possible. I knew that this project would require a huge amount of money, work and time and that it would really challenge me both creatively and technically as a photographer."

Exit through the Thrift Shop opened in an empty shop in September 2011. Before the opening 18 images were shot [18 separate shoots, locations, models and wardrobes etc] over 4 days (2 weekends- to keep the rental expenses down to an absolute minimum). The photographs in Radosinska's project are all based on the work of the British street artist Banksy. Even to those unfamiliar with Banksy’s original paintings, the characters in the photos will be instantly recognisable, having been appropriated by Banksy from everyday life at home and on the street, as well as popular culture. Whilst the characters may be familiar, Banksy has withdrawn them from their original context and placed them into a twisted new reality depicted in paint. Whilst they remain as paint, we accept that the images are no longer part of reality, but when, the images are transformed into photographs, the line between our reality and Banksy’s work becomes blurred. The aim of this project is to examine the relationship between art, photography and reality. It is hoped the photographs will encourage the viewer to consider this relationship.

Who is Banksy? Banksy is the pseudonym of a British based street artist whose true identity remains unknown. Banksy is best known for his stenciled grafitti art that has appeared in public spaces, such as walls, in cities around the world from the early 1990s to the present day. This work often contains a dark humour and political or social commentary. In January 2010, a film directed by Banksy, Exit Through the Gift Shop (from which this project draws its name), premiered at the Sundance film festival, and went to achieve considerable success at the box office and received an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary. NZ Fine Prints are delighted to stock a selection of fine art prints of Radasinska's Banksy recreation photographs, they feature the street art collection at NZ's favourite art print store since 1966.