Rembrandt Harmenszohn van Rijn (Rembrandt) (1606-1669) is regarded as one of the greatest painters of all time. He studied in Leyden and Amsterdam: his teacher, Peter Lastman, was himself a student of Caravaggio. Rembrandt established his own studio, training and working with many assistants. His work falls into three major periods; the first is sharply drawn with a varied palette; the second, between about 1640-1660, shows greater emphasis on darker shades with colour applied in blobs and dabs and thinner washes; and from about 1660 his technique became freer and intensely expressive of emotion. A superb draughtsman, his etchings and line drawings are among the finest ever produced. Rembrandt, although at one time wealthy, was not a good manager of money, and towards the end of his life he lived in considerable difficulty though he continued to paint as he wished until he died. NZ Fine Prints stock a range of Rembrandt prints including favourites like “The Nightwatch” alongside several of his famous portraits.