Don Binney Print "Last Flight of the Kokako"

Don Binney Print "Last Flight of the Kokako"

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Image size in millimetres (approx): 330 x 760

We are truly delighted to have a print of Don Binney’s “Last Flight of the Kokako” now available to purchase. This artwork is a fantastic piece that represents the dawning of the environmental protest movement in Aotearoa. This new print is a powerful statement on the wall, an engaging call to awareness as well as a boldly decorative ‘only from New Zealand’ artwork in your home or workplace. The original painting was created by Binney 50 years ago for the Native Forest Action group, a key early organisation in the fight to stop the logging of New Zealand’s native forests. So this landmark painting represents a crucial moment in time where our collective consciousness was changing from unthinkingly viewing Aotearoa/New Zealand as a resource that could seemingly be exploited without limit to one where NZer’s began to cherish our natural environment for being the home of birds such as the kokako. It was through the artists like Don Binney that this change became most visible, paintings like “Last Flight of the Kokako” were a key step in the way we would change our collective visual language of the NZ landscape from “potential farmland” to “natural habitat that needs protecting”.