Pacific Frigate Bird by Don Binney

Pacific Frigate Bird by Don Binney

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NZ Fine Art Print

Image size in millimetres: 540 x 720

Modern offset printed print on 250gsm satin finish fine art paper. Official Binney Estate colloboration. This iconic New Zealand image of a Frigate bird in flight over a blue ocean set against a bright blue sky first came to prominence when it was included in the groundbreaking set of screenprints known as the Barry Lett multiples, a set of twelve prints produced in 1968 by pioneering NZ art dealer Barry Lett Gallery. Pacific Frigate Bird was described like this “Binney has used the frigate bird in several paintings recently. In most of his recent paintings and drawings the placing of images is similar to the present work, his concern being to establish a vertical tension between natural forms, usually with birds, and the landscape, or, in this case, the horizon, as his major images.”