Grackle, Veracruz by Don Binney

Grackle, Veracruz by Don Binney

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Fine Art Print (NZ Artist)

Image size in millimetres: 440 x 600 (ie not including the wide unprinted border to the edge of the paper)

The blue tiles with the Mexican decorative motifs make this Binney print the perfect design piece for a thoughtfully co-ordinated interior design utilising this artworks calming blue tones and tranquil composition. Wall art like this print can be used to complement or enhance a space without demanding that your attention always be drawn toward it, but when you do take note of “Grackle, Veracruz” you can see that the grackle’s luxuriant plumage would obviously have immediately caught the eye of an artist so well known for his appreciation of birds while on a trip to Mexico. This is a Binney print that celebrates the universal delight we have in appreciation birds without participating in the parochial NZ native bird/landscape vibe that the other prints in his series give off.