Tony Cribb

Christchurch artist Tony Cribb is a graduate of Christchurch Polytechnic. Cribb describes his prints as "quirky with a dark sense of humour". Some prints are loaded with meaning, others appear to have none at all. Tony gets a great deal of enjoyment out of creating paintings that are slightly vague. Cribb says "I accept that not everyone will connect with each piece I do. They may see nothing - where another person will make a connection on a personal level, often for reasons that differ from my intention. And that is great. There is no right and wrong. It's all opinion. I don't set out trying to appeal to everyone or anyone. I paint these works for me, and if someone else makes a connection with one - fantastic."

With a passion for illustration Tony develops characters which frequently appear in his work. Finely detailed and intricate they form a stark contrast to the overall effect of his works which appear raw and edgy. Tony says "I try to keep things simple and am forever learning not to ‘overwork' a piece. I hope the raw unfinished feel and randomness of the subject or statement will provoke the viewers' own ending. Otherwise I'm taking the question mark away." New Zealand Fine Prints stock all of Tony's prints including his new prints on canvas.

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