Mark Compton

Mark Compton (1978 - ) is an Auckland printmaker Mark's art is playful or cheeky and not often held to a particular pattern, subject or style. Compton says he "likes to explore new techniques and search out new methods to create the feel for a work that is necessary."

Mark has been an employee of Artrite Screenprinting - New Zealand's leading fine art print screen-printers - since 1996. He has worked to produce fine art prints alongside dozens of NZ artists from well-known printmakers like Dick Frizzell and Tony Ogle through to emerging artists doing their first prints. With more than ten years experience producing prints Mark has a superb technical understanding of producing and creating quality prints of his own. All prints are hand printed by Mark as he appreciates having his hand at work in producing his own art. Mark says about his prints “I would hope that my work would firstly and fore-mostly be aesthetically pleasing to you, that it would evoke in you a story, a feeling or a memory. For whatever reason you are searching for Art I hope you are able to find something that is exactly what your looking for”.