Dean Buchanan

Born Auckland in 1952, Dean Buchanan is well known for his unique expressionist treatment of the New Zealand landscape. He paints directly onto raw hessian with a vibrant palette is inspired by the lush, sub-tropical surroundings of the Waitakere Ranges. Based in Karekare, Dean has a profound love for native New Zealand that he expresses in complex, kaleidoscopic vistas echoing the works of expressionist masters from Franz Marc to Philip Clairmont. Dean Buchanan has exhibited widely throughout New Zealand, as well as in Chile, the USA, and Japan. We have had a great run with Dean Buchanan's art prints but unfortunately this means that we are now running low on stock of these prints (they are not being re-printed so will become unavailable once sold). Prints now sold out: "Nikau Palms", "Waterfall". We only have a few of the prints shown here left.

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