Nigel Brown

Nigel Brown (1949 - ) was born in Invercargill and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Elam School of Arts at the University of Auckland in 1971. A full time artist his whole life Brown's paintings and prints are in all major New Zealand public collections and galleries. Nigel has been called New Zealand's leading narrative artist and one of the most important figurative artists working in NZ. Brown's artworks are painterly and expressive, with colour playing an important role in the overall composition, reflecting the bare tones of New Zealand landscape. He blends symbolic and expressionist approaches with a deep social concern and mixes myth with realism to create visual stories specific to New Zealand culture. There is one print of a Nigel Brown painting currently available, a Capper Press print of his famous portrait of poet James K. Baxter - a painting whose formal title is "The Reading".