Stand by Me Extra Large Canvas Print by Kathryn Furniss

Stand by Me Extra Large Canvas Print by Kathryn Furniss

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Extra Large NZ Canvas Print

Canvas size in millimetres: 830 x 1000 

This new canvas print is an outstanding example of Nelson artist Kathryn Furniss work on a very large scale. Her inspiration for “Stand by Me” is the many colours of our Pacific landscape. Kathryn works with layers of colour and texture that translate exceptionally well onto canvas, giving the viewer a profound sense of depth. Furniss’s paintings are filled with symbolism, for instance upright paddles that represent protection and safety, boats and oars reference arrival or travelling both in reality and in our dreams. Birds are a recurring motif as well, she says that birds are “connecting the past with the present, being the spirit of a past loved one or guardian”.

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