Maori Race Meeting: Programme & Rules

Maori Race Meeting: Programme & Rules

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Historical NZ Letterpress Print

Poster size in millimetres: 330 x 440

Programme for a “Maori Race Meeting”, Karioi, January 1st, 1870. Horse race advertisement with an amusing list of rules such as “no girls will be allowed to ride as jockeys” and “jockeys must wear trousers”. These prints are a recreation of the original poster printed using vintage letterpress printing presses with moveable type laid by hand.  A one off printing, we now have less than 20 of these curious historical talking points left! 

The full text of the poster reads “Come! Come! Come! Notice to all! This notice is to all friends in the East, in the West, in the North, in the South. Oh, Friends listen! Horse races will be held at Karioi. These races will be run under the patronage of the King of Maori people. Stewards of the Races: Chairman: Te Wheoro and his friends. Judge: Te Tahuna and his friends. Starter: Te Harihari and his friends. Clerk of the Course: P Wanihi and Te Amaru. Clerk of Scales: Te Kamanomano. Handicapper: Tom Pepa and his wife. Treasurer: The Rev. Hori Wirihani. Secretary: Mrs Harihari.

Rules of these races: 1. Men owning horses and wishing to enter them must deposit money in the hands of the secretary. 2. Don’t bring any drink to these races. 3. Men who have taken much drink will not be allowed on this course. If any man disobey this rule he will bring the whip of the club down upon him. 4. No girls will be allowed to ride as jockeys in these races. 5. Jockeys must wear trousers in all events. 6. No jockey must knock any other jockey off his horse or touch the reins of any other jockey or strike any other jockey with his whip during a race, or strike any horse other than his own, or swear at or threaten any other jockey. 7. Any jockey breaking these rules will be driven from the course if he does not pay twenty shillings to the treasurer. 8. You must not change the name of the horse. You must not suppress the fact of a win at any other race meeting. You can be expelled or fined not more than 50s. if you break this rule. 9. Persons allowed to see these races must not say any rude words to the stewards, or swear at jockeys who do not win, or otherwise behave improperly.”

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