Framed print of Whangarei Heads

Framed print of Whangarei Heads

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Framed Print

Overall size in millimetres: 660 x 580 approximately

Customer Return: Popular print by Terry Moyle and Rosie Louise, enjoyed not just for the location shown, also appreciated for the classic cars shown in authentic detail! Framed in a timeless natural colour timber frame with a warm white mat board behind glass. Which is hard to photograph without reflections, please ignore the photographer's shadowy arm... A customer decided her selection of three different views by these artists in identical frames didn't quite work in the space intended so we picked them all up and gave a full refund under our money back guarantee. Although it is tempting to just pop this on the shelf until a customer happens to order the exact same combination of print/frame and mat board our steely eyed company accountant frets about the cost of stock on hand and insists that we get the cost of framing and the print off the balance sheet, even if we have to put the print in our sale category and offer a discount off normal retail. We deliver any framed prints anywhere in NZ for $20 per order. NB: If you did want to buy all three of this series (if they are all still listed, this won't make sense if the other two sell to customers before this one) we would ship at no charge (just call us on 0800 800 278, or just go ahead and order and we will credit you back the automatically applied freight charge if you buy the three Moyle/Louise prints framed like this one that are listed in our sale category.

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