Framed Print "Boats, Island Bay by Rita Angus"

Framed Print "Boats, Island Bay by Rita Angus"

Print Code: 10384
NZ$269.95 NZ$100.00 2nd

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Framed Print

Approx framed size in millimetres: 600 x 600 mm

Faulty Item - framed in our favourite (for this print) white box frame that should look just perfect but we had a faulty batch of backing boards where the adhesive has failed.  As you can see from the product picture the paper is lifting off the backing board.  Because we can't guarantee that a repair is possible our framing team have given this print to us to sell to someone who will enjoy having a go at fixing this fault. Some effective glue and careful pressing down on the surface could be a fix for this and you will have yourself a very nice print for the wall at way below cost.  NB:The image is protected with a low sheen laminate so no worries to dust etc when it is on the wall. One only.