Piha by Terry Moyle & Rosie Louise

Piha by Terry Moyle & Rosie Louise

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Framed Print

Approx size in millimetres: 380 x 500

Piha in 1965, as imagined by the artists who colloborate as "Contour Creative Studio".  Ford Zephyr and surfers with Lion Head Rock in the background.  This print is framed and ready to hang.  Behind glass with a warm white mat board and a square wooden white frame.  In perfect condition, this print is a returned item, the customer changed their minds when they noticed that, we kid you not, the cloud was in a slightly different position than what was shown in our catalogue reference picture.  This can happen with a digital print between printings as the artists can tweak the compositions slightly and we don't always notice such a subtle change.  One of the more unusual reasons we have had for returning a print under our money back guarantee!  One only, discounted just because we don't have the space to store too many framed prints waiting for a customer to purchase in the same particular combination of frame colour, mat etc.

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