A Lad Insane Mr Foursquare Bowie Poster by Dick Frizzell

A Lad Insane Mr Foursquare Bowie Poster by Dick Frizzell

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Art Poster (NZ)

Image size in millimetres: 440 x 540 (excludes the white border)
Paper size in millimetres: 520 x 700 (includes the white border)

From the fertile imagination of famous NZ artist Dick Frizzell comes this tribute to the late pop artist David Bowie. Referencing Bowie’s 1973 Alladin Sane album this graphic style artwork gives Frizzell’s four square man muse the lightening bolt makeup made famous by Bowie’s Alladin Sane character. Originally issued as a screenprint this is what Dick calls a poster, an unsigned reproduction version of his Lad Insane graphic. We use the term poster to refer to a very lightweight paper reproduction of a famous painting designed to be pinned to the wall usually printed in the thousands - so although Dick calls this a poster production values wise it’s a modern fine art print quality printed using offset lithography. So this "poster" is actually printed on fine art print standard (approx 200gsm paper stock) that is designed to be framed and will last for years.