Maori Art

From our Maori Art gallery you can purchase all prints currently available of New Zealand Maori art. This collection is by neccessity a very broad category as "Maori Art" includes both prints by Maori artists and prints OF Maori. Prints of Maori in stock at NZ Fine Prints include the series of famous paintings by Goldie and Lindauer . Here you can also buy prints of Maori art design from Menzies famous collection of kowhaiwhai (rafter pattern designs) collected in 1910. We also stock Zealand's largest range of prints by contemporary Maori artists, printmakers like Shane Hansen, Robyn Kahukiwa and Steve Hikaiti. We offer prompt delivery anywhere in New Zealand for just $NZ 6 or around the world for $NZ15.

Maori art design such as kowhaiwhai is unique to the indigenous people of New Zealand/Aotearoa. Traditionally Maori artists told stories in designs using wood, bone, jade (greenstone), or flax as the canvas for their images. Today Maori art and design is also created using non-traditional media such as paint and paper. Maori images such as the Koru and the tiki have also been incorporated into the artwork of non-Maori artists such as Gordon Walters and have been re-mixed in contemporary work from printmakers like Greg Straight and Dick Frizzell.