Pablo Picasso

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain in 1881, and was only 14 when his family moved to Barcelona, where his father was a Professor at the School of Art. Picasso's first exhibition, at the age of 16, led to visits to Paris, where he was influenced by the Impressionists, and where he settled in 1904. Traditionally, Picasso's work is divided into distinct periods, so named: the Blue Period, 1901-1904; Rose, 1905-1906; Cubism to about 1911; Synthetic Cubism (using bits of cloth or paper as part of the image) in the next few years; and to 1936 various other forms of cubism and surrealism. His monumental 1937 work, Guernica, is metamorphic, and from that time on his works synthesise his former styles and encompass all manner of subjects. Picasso also produced lithographs, etchings, sculpture, murals, jewellery, and ceramics, and his influence on 20th century art is still strongly felt. NZ Fine Prints always have a good selection of Picasso prints and posters for sale at our gallery, here is a list of what is in stock at the moment.