Neal Palmer

Neal Palmer (1968 - ) finished art school with his practice having evolved through painting to print-making and on to sculpture. Palmer worked as a prop maker and scenic artist for film and television including a stint of two years working as a puppet maker for the UK series "Spitting Image". Moving to New Zealand with his kiwi wife in 1998 Neal began painting again, his "concerns revolve around coming to terms with the visual language and natural environment of my new home on the one hand, and an artist’s desire to have a painterly dialogue with the history of painting as well as creating rich experiences for audiences who may not be steeped in art history. Exploring my new environment I have discovered subjects that can evoke strong emotional responses. For me, the flax plant conjures childhood memories of playing hide and seek. As a painter I find that when people reminisce in relation to a painting it enables them to get drawn into the painterly aspects of the work as well".