Austin Seven Vintage Advertisement

Austin Seven Vintage Advertisement

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Vintage NZ Car Ad

Image size in millimetres: 425 x 600

Screenprinted reproduction of the original letterpress advertisement from Auckland car dealer Searbrook, Fowlds Ltd. Printed on a heavyweight cream coloured paper. The advertisement reads “Austin Seven - The Better Way. Breaking the Local Boundaries. Exchanging the commonplace things of the town for the delights of the open country! Fresh air, new scenes, the joy of speeding, and with your wife and kiddies, giving them that great fresh-air life which cannot be theirs within the confines of the city. The Austin Seven is doing this for thousands of people at a miserly cost - 29/6 a week brings you a Touring Model, and all that it costs to run is under one penny per mile: petrol, oil, tyres; the lot! No car will give you more real pleasure - pleasure in comfortable motoring and in minute upkeep and running expenses - and charge you so little for it all, than the Austin Seven. The Austin Seven. Tourer £178 f.o.b, Auckland. New easy terms £50 down and 29/6 a week. Seabrook, Fowlds Ltd, 77 Symonds Street, Auckland.”

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