Kiwi Ingenuity by Jason Kelly

Kiwi Ingenuity by Jason Kelly

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Image size in millimetres: 300 x 300

NB: There are only 3 2 left of this print before it is sold out. Sold out. One of JK’s “Sweet As” summer series. Jason says “With its continual ‘pith’ takes, satirical twists and quirky edges my work is asking you to have a chuckle. It’s lighthearted and fun with imaginary figures, global corporations and companies, created to push my point of view. It’s political and satirical, and can often be a re-creation of the past and its events. I love recycling found objects and timber which I carve, shape and sculpt into popular works which include surfboards and car doors, all with my original hand brushed imagery and words Finally I leave you with this adage given to me by a happy client: verba volare, scripta manet... spoken words fly away, writing is permanent.”

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