Jason Kelly

Contemporary kiwiana artist Jason Kelly had a very successful release of his first series of prints, the "Sweet As" suite of iconic kiwiana style pictures with his trademark quirky twists and added humour. Kelly (also known as "JK") trained as a signwriter - a commercial background that has informed and enriched his subsequent artistic career. Jason feels a particular resonance with the handmade and recycled - the original artworks that his prints are based on are completed by hand onto a reclaimed wood surface using only paint brushes and mahl stick and without the use of stencils. According to Kelly "Commercial art is often more ingenious than pure art. It has to combine an image with a message in away that pure art does not." Jason's kiwiana art prints are some of our most popular artworks in our fast growing collection of Kiwiana. Kelly also released a painting commemorating the Christchurch earthquakes called "SevenPointOne" that is available on canvas - 20% of the proceeds going to the Mayoral Relief Fund.