Fish species of New Zealand Poster

Fish species of New Zealand Poster

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Fish Poster

Poster size in millimetres: 420 x 600

Update: This poster is sold out, no longer available to buy sorry. 30 species of NZ fish drawn by illustrator Giselle Clarkson. We are sorry but this poster is just about sold out, we currently have 2 posters available to buy until it goes "out of print" and will no longer be available. The names are written in English, Te Reo Maori and Latin This poster features the following species: Pipi (paphies australis); Snapper Tamure (pagnis auratus); Bluff oyster Tio paruparu (tiostrea Chilensis; Frostfish Para (lepidopus candatus); Green mussel Kuku [or] Kuta (perna canaliculus); Scallop Tupa (pecten novaezelandiae); Pilchard Mohimohi (sardinia neopilchardus); Stargazer Puwhara (kathelostoma giganteum); Paddle crab Papaka (ovalipes catharus); Ling Hokarari (genypterus blacodis; Blue Mackerel Tawatawa (scomber australasicus); Smooth Oreo (prendocyttus maculatus); Tarakihi (nemadactylus macropterus); Jack Mackerel Hauture (tracherus declivis); Ghost shark (hydrolagus novaezelandiae); Blue cod Rawaru (parapercus Colias); Silver Warehou (Seriolella punctata); Red Gurnard Puwhaiau (chilidonichthys kumu); Gemfish Makataharaki (rexia solandri); Orange Roughy (Hoplostethus atlanticus); Butterfish Marari (cordiodax pullus); John Dory Kuparu (zeus faber); Kahawai (arripis trutta); Scampi Kourarangi (metanephrops challenger); Cockle Tuangi (Chione stutchburyi); Hoki (macruonus novaezelandiae); Moki (latridopsis ciliaris); Pacific Oyster Tio repe (crasiostrea gigas); Paua (haliotis iris) and Kina (evechirus chloroticus).

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