Fishes of New Zealand Poster

Fishes of New Zealand Poster

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Reminiscent of the iconic fish 'n' chip shop poster, this new poster features a selection of 222 fishes from the landmark 4-volume publication The Fishes of New Zealand. Designed to appeal to fishing enthusiasts and lovers of Kiwiana, the poster includes favourites such as the sunfish and sharks, commercial species such as orange roughy and snapper, the ubiquitous spotty, as well as the blobfish, bearded angler and many more curious and unusual fishes that call New Zealand’s marine environments home.

New Zealand’s unique marine environments are home to more than 1200 known species of fishes. From the familiar to the astonishing, this selection shows their wonderful diversity. From the book The Fishes of New Zealand, edited by Clive D Roberts, Andrew L Stewart and Carl D Struthers, published by Te Papa Press. A note on the poster title, although fish is usually the plural (for more than one fish) in biology a quantity more than one of different species of fish are referred to as fishes.

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